Meet the Team @ CPF 

Sarah Mackintosh

Sarah is the charity manager. She is responsible for the day to day managing of the organisation and for reporting back to the trustees.

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Ruth Lewis 

Ruth is our Training Manager and currently our Covid Co-ordinator. She provides all manner of general support to the charity and our members.

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Tim Reilly

Tim is our  Advocacy Manager (General Advocate). He can support you with a wide range of issues and get your voice heard. He can be a support for meetings, finding information & accessing services.

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Ffion Davies

Ffion is our  Health Advocate. She can help you understand what's going on with your health and well-being.  She can support you to attend meetings or to make complaints.

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Dianne Bailey

Dianne is responsible for Advocacy Support and looks after general office administration, as well as helping to  facilitate our many groups.

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Louise Grey

Louise is our Finance Officer and is responsible for looking after the day to day financial elements of the charity. 

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Georgie Lewis

Georgie is our Trainee Advocate, who provides Easy Read translation documents and also supports our Finance Officer with administrative duties.

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Jessie Fletcher

Jessie facilitates the many groups at CPF, ensuring a wide variety of activities are held on a monthly basis. She offers a great deal of support to members of CPF.

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