Health Check Champions @ CPF


who are the health check chaMPIONs?

Simon Rice and Angie Edwards are the Health Check Champions for Carmarthenshire.
The Health Check Champions are here to promote the importance of having your Annual Health Check. They work with  health professionals such as doctors in your local surgery. They will be looking at the number of people having Health Checks and the quality of those Health Checks and they will work alongside the Primary Health Facilitation Nurses, Linda and Lynsey, in Carmarthenshire.
This is a project that links with Health Check Champions and nurses in Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire and our Health Check Champions are part of an ICF funded project called Accessible and Involved Annual Health Checks.

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This is Angie Edwards, one of our Health Check Champions for Carmarthenshire.
Angie wants CPF Members to have Health Profiles so that Members can get the right levels of health support.


This is Simon Rice, one of our Health Check Champions for Carmarthenshire.
Simon is a strong supporter of the Championing Health Checks campaign and, like Angie,  wants CPF Members to  get the right levels of health support.
The Health Check Champions for Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire recently got together to make a film about the importance of Annual Health Checks and how these checks might be done differently, and more effectively, for people with learning disabilities. Click on the red arrow to play it.
We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.