Independent Advocacy @ CPF


what is an independent advocate?

An independent advocate is someone you can trust - someone who can help you to speak up about the things which are important to you and your life.  An  independent advocate can listen to your views and concerns, help you explore your options and rights (without pressuring you), provide information to help you make informed decisions, help you contact relevant people, or contact them on your behalf and accompany you to support you in meetings or at appointments. Our advocacy service is independent - we are not part of Social Services.

How can an Advocate help?

You may want or need:
  Someone to support you in meetings;
Information about your rights;
Help from services;
To make a complaint about a service.

Our eligibility criteria

You need to be:
An adult with a Learning Disability;
Currently living in Carmarthenshire;
(We can support individuals who live outside
Carmarthenshire but there is a charge for this service).
You can make an Advocacy Referral for yourself or someone else,
if you have their permission, by filling in our simple online form here
This is Tim Reilly, who is  our General Advocate
at Carmarthenshire People First.
Tim can support you with a wide range of issues, and get your voice heard.


This is Ffion Davies, who is the Health Advocate at Carmarthenshire People First.
Ffion can help you understand what's going on with your health and well-being.
Here are  Georgie and Dianne.
They are part of the Advocacy Team at Carmarthenshire People First and are here to help support the process.